Take Advantage of Napa Valley Limo Tours or Other Sonoma Limo Tours Offered by Amax

The Sonoma Valley is known for its scenic beauty, pleasant weather, world-class wineries, and award-winning wines. On Sonoma limo tours, customers attend festivals, relax at spas, sip fine wines, and much more. Sonoma limo tours make the visits more enchanting as clients enjoy traveling the journey in an elegant limousine as they take in Mediterranean-style villas, striking chateaus, and splendid castles.

Some of the services provide by Sonoma limo tours are listed here.

  • Safe and professional chauffeurs provide prom night transportation. Amax is a professional limo provider that has gained a positive reputation in the Napa Valley. The types of limos provided include four-passenger sedans, six-passenger limousines, and 12-passenger party limo buses. The limo driver will pick up individuals or groups from a location.

  • Napa Valley limo wine tours should be booked in advanced. Not all wineries require an appointment, but some do, especially when expecting crowds. It is best to make those arrangements ahead of time. Popular Sonoma Valley wineries are Benziger Family Winery. Bartholomew Park Winery, and Amapola Creek Vineyards & Winery. Drivers of Napa Valley limo wine tours can also suggest renowned vineyards and wineries.

  • Napa Valley limo wine tours allow tour groups to explore different vineyards and do taste testing at the wineries. Wine can be purchased to take home. Wineries offer more than wine products. Many wineries have gift shops, mixes, sauces, and balsamic vinegar to explore.

  • Amax Napa Valley limo wine tours are an education. Professionals guide customers and tell them about the art of wine growing, different wine grapes, the intricacies of wines, and information about the wine region. Visitors learn how to taste wine, what wines to serve with individual dishes and courses, and how to cook with wine.

  • Quarryhill Botanical Gardens is a wonder place to visit on Sonoma limo tours. It is the only California garden where a variety of Asian plants can be found.

  • Between December and February, the Sonoma Valley Olive Festival is held. Renowned press, vintners, chefs, and locals gather in celebration. Each course of the culinary delights is prepared by chefs who use artisan olive oils.

  • Amax Sonoma limo tours include a Pacific coastline drive through beautiful Sonoma County’s steep mountains, fertile valleys, and redwood forests. The diverse microclimates and terrains produce grapes that make legendary Sonoma County wines.

  • Sonoma limo tours take clientele past pigs, sheep, and cattle grazing the landscape. Herbs, vegetables, and fruits blanket the countryside. Amax Sonoma Valley limo tours can include meeting a farmer to see how locally grown products go from the garden to the dinner plate.

  • The perfect way to end the day is at a luxury spa with a relaxing massage. Manicures, pedicures, and facials are also available.

The casually-dressed clientele and rustic beauty do not keep Sonoma from becoming a sophisticated hot spot preferred by wine enthusiasts. Sonoma has 370 wineries. Amax will take you to any of them.

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